Wednesday, 5 April 2017

VIRGO (KANNI) : 2017- Hay Vilambi Tamil New Year’s Prediction


For those who were born on moon sign VIRGO (Kanni Rasi) this coming Tamil New Year is going to be a better than the Previous Tamil New Year. In particular the fourth coming Transit of Dragon's Head and Dragon's Tail (Rahu and Kethu Peyarchi) is going to pour good results, hence the forth coming Tamil New year is bestowed only happiness for people born on moon sign Virgo (Kanni).

The favorable postion as stated in our ancient texts and as per the rule of Astrology if Dragon's Head and Dragon's Tail are occupying 3,6,and 11th Houses, that to in particular in one of the following five places Aries (Mesham), Taurus (Rishabam), Cancer(Kadakam), Virgo(Kanni) and Capricorn (Makaram) will be in a position to do more beneficial things to the individual. As per this rule the Dragon's Head (Rahu) is going to occupy the 11th House i.e Cancer (Kadakam) hence the people born on Virgo moon sign will get suitable employment, improvement in business and gain huge profits are indicated.

This planet Dragon's Head (Rahu) represents other state, running machines, foreign language, other religion and foreign countries hence the Virgo (Kanni)moon sign people will be free from obstacles in the business and get gainful benefits/income from the above mentioned sources.

Those who were born on moon sign Virgo (Kanni) had already started the business and unable to stabilize the same will stabilize the same, people who were suffering mental depression, till now not seeing progress in the life will get good positive results and settle down in life. The people who were knocking the doors of Court due to struggle in the Marriage life will see the favorable change in their attitude there by leading a happy life.

After this Dargon's Head and Dragon's tail (Raghu and Kethu) transit another important major planet transit i.e. Jupiter (Guru) is going to occur on 12th September 2017 that to in the 2nd House for Virgo (Kanni) Moon sign holders. The luck will shower on these Virgo people.

The next Major Transit by Saturn( Sani) is going to happen on 26th October 2017, by this transit Lord Saturn is occupying the 4th House, generally the fourth house for Lord Saturn (Sani ) Is inauspicious whereas for Virgo moon sign people Lord Saturn (Sani) happens to be Yogathipathi ( Lucky Planet) hence he will not do any harm.

The last But not the least for all Virgo Moon sign people the forth coming Tamil new Year will eradicate all your sorrows and suffering.

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