Wednesday, 5 April 2017

LIBRA (THULAM) : 2017- Hay Vilambi Tamil New Year’s Prediction


For people who born on moon sign LIBRA (THULAM) the forth coming Tamil New Year is starting with host of benefits.

The important fact is all along the 71/2 years Saturn (Sani) period is going to change and hence forth these Libra (Thulam) moon sign people will not get any negative or Bad effects from Planets.

On the day of Tamil New Year the Libra Moon sign Lord Venus(Sukran) is in exalted position and is aspect by Lord Jupiter (Guru) hence this Tamil New year is going offer host of good things.All along Libra (THULAM) people who were suffering from Un employment, trouble in Business or Profession, people started the new business and struggling to run the same or facing difficulties due to the evil effects of &1/2 years Saturn period will get a sigh of relief and proceeding towards growth path.

The Libra people who feel depression, no job satisfaction, inferiority complex, no recognition for the job done, no proper job for my talent will all are going to enter in a new phase of prosperity and will gain self-confidence, over all progress in their activities.

Although the fourth coming transit of Dragon's head and Dragon's tails which is going to occur in August 2017 looks unfavorable but in reality the Planets are going to occupy his most liking place Cancer (Kadakam) hence will not do any Harm, but at the same time you have to travel faraway places in connection with business or employment or Profession or may visit to Other states in North India on the cards.

The next major transit which occurs on 12th September2017 y Lord Jupiter(Guru) is moving from his present place and it prevents your un necessary, unwanted expenditure, there will not be any major Medical expenses or Debts.

This Jupiter (Guru) transit will bring permanent employment, fixing the Marriage for suitable bride or bride groom, growth in the business or profession, for youngsters and they all feel as if they were become Younger by 10 years and bubbling with energy and enthusiasm.
In short the Libra (Thulam) moon sign people will achieve many things and Hoist the flag of success around them in the fourth coming Tamil New Year .

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