Wednesday, 5 April 2017

LEO (SIMMAM) : 2017- Hay Vilambi Tamil New Year’s Prediction


For Those who were born on moon sign LEO the forth coming Tamil New Year will remove all the obstacles they were facing.

Till now the Leo sign people who were facing lot of difficulties in Business, Profession etc. Due to the occupation of Lord Saturn (Sani) in the fourth place (Arthastama Sani) will get relief from this and get peace of mind, regular income from Business, Profession from this year.

For the past few months particularly the youngsters were facing difficulties in the profession due to the placement of Lord Saturn Occupying in the Fourth House and aspecting your professional house i.e.10th House and your Leo Sign which is not good for Leo sign People. This will fetch you only negative results till now and the another bad effect is the Dragon's head is also sitting in the Leo Sign also added fuel to the fire.

In the fourth coming Tamil New Year the first Transit is that the Shadow Planets Dragon's Head and Dragon's Tail are moving from the present position on 18th August 2017 will bring satisfaction, peace of mind, financial gain, Debt relief and Good Health to Leo sign People.

Since these shadow planets are going to a favorable spot i.e.6th and 12th House the Leo Sign people hitherto facing difficult time in the Business, borrowing Money for higher interest for improving the business will get a sigh of relief and all Leo sign people will get regular steady income, improvement in financial status, business development and over all happiness. Will settle the old debts due to increase in the flow of Income.

Similar to this transit another Important transit i.e Lord Saturn(Sani Peyarchi) is going to happen on 26th October 2017, there by the bad aspects of Lord Saturn(Sani) is going to change. Many Leo sign people hither to facing may difficulties in various context are here by advised to utilize these good period occurred due to transit of planets for their over all upliftment and betterment.

Yet another transit by Lord Jupiter (Guru Peyarchi) will remove all obstacles for Leo sign people and will get good employment as per their age, qualification, experience, getting good alliance, prospective couples who are expecting a child for a long time will get good news, people will come out of depression and will get peace, Harmony and Happiness.

In the fourth coming Tamil New Year the occurrences of 2 major transit (Dragon's Head, Dragon's Tail (RAHU and Kethu) and Saturn (Sani peyarchi) is beneficial to all Leo sign people because The Dragon's Head (Rahu) hitherto occupying Your Rasi is moving from there and the Bad aspects of Lord Saturn(Sani) is also moved from the present hence this Tamil New Year is really a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year for all the people born on moon sign of Leo(Simham).

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