Wednesday, 5 April 2017

CANCER (KADAKAM) : 2017- Hay Vilambi Tamil New Year’s Prediction


Those who were born on moon sign Cancer(Kadakam) for them the forth coming Tamil new Year will give host of good benefits. Out of 30years cycle lord Saturn (Sani) will give better benefits when he transits through 3,6 and 11th Houses. 

In this 30years cycle in the coming Tamil New year the lord Saturn is going to come to 6th House which gives highest to Cancer (Kadagam) sign People. By this the people who belongs to Cancer (Kadagam) Sign and had not settled yet in employment, Business, etc will now get placement with higher pay, people will get regular income from Business, and they can view money every month on hand. Any prevailing disturbances, struggle in the existing employment will start diminishing and vanish.

Now the Dragon's Head(Rahu) which is occupying the second House is causing obstacles for younger people in getting Marriage proposal, no improvement in financial status, is going to occupy the Janma Rasi i.e. CANCER(Kadgam) from August 2017 will change the present unpleasant scenario into better yielding results.

The Dragon's Head and Dragon's Tail (Rahu and Kethu ) Transit which is going to occur in August will remove all obstacles and the younger generation will get engaged with prospective Bride or Groom, any prevailing dispute within the family between the Husband and Wife and running to Police station, Court etc., will be settled amicably. Those who had applied for divorce will got divorce and the re marriage will be solemnized during this period.

Parents will have a sigh of relief as the lord Saturn (Sani) which is Occupying in the 5th House is moving from there, hence the parents worrying about their children, facing depression about their wards regarding their job, engagement, seeking suitable alliance etc., for past two and half years will see the ray of hope and everything will be settled in a fantastic way.

In total the person who born on moon sign Cancer(Kadagam) will only get benefits, happiness and prosperity from this Tamil New Year.

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