Wednesday, 5 April 2017

GEMINI (MITHUNAM) : 2017- Hay Vilambi Tamil New Year’s Prediction


For People born on this Moon Sign the forth coming Tamil New Year will give slow and steady results in the first Half, and better results are expected in the second Half. In the beginning the Tamil New year the King Planets like Jupiter and Saturn(Guru and Sani) are not in a position to do any favorable things but the Rasi Lord Mercury(Budaan) is strong in 11th House and the favorable planet Venus(Sukran) is exalted in the 10th House will give good results in Business, employment related areas hence no need to grumble or worry.

In this Tamil New year an important Jupiter transit occurs on 12th September 2017, by this hitherto the lord Jupiter which occupies the 4th House is moving to 5th House thereby aspecting the Rasi will give good results as per the Natal Horscope.For Youngsters/ those who are eligible or waiting for marriage are now under the influence of the Lord Jupiter hence auspicious things like , Engagement, Wedding, permanent Job with Good salary, regular steady income, business development will happen from 12th September 2017 onwards.

Though in the beginning of the Tamil New year the people born on Moon Rasi Gemini(Mithunam) have Average results need not worry about anything because in the second half the results will be favorable.

At the same time the transit of shadow planets dragon Head and dragon tail(Rahu and KethU) from the favorable existing postioni.e from 3rd House to 2nd House Capricorn(Kadakam) which happens to be his favourableplace will cause financial trouble and anxiety as per the rule, but since they are occupying friend’s house the impact will not be that much serious like what we expect. By thise the people involved in Import or Export trade/business will gain financially and people who are looking out for gainful employment in overseas will be benefitted.

In the month of October 2017 the transit of Planet Saturn (Sani Bhagavan) also occupying the 7th House which is not good as per the rule, but lord Saturn happens to be bagyathipathi (Beneficial Planet) will not do any Harm but will give average benefits as per the natal Horoscope.

The overall prediction for the fourth coming Tamil New year for Gemini (Mithunam) rasi people is, the planets are not in a position to harm you, but at the same time the 8th House denotes change, hence the house occupied by dragon Tail(Kethu) will give effects of change for your future.

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