Wednesday, 5 April 2017

TAURUS (RISHABAM) : 2017- Hay Vilambi Tamil New Year’s Prediction


The very first day of this Tamil New Year's Day your Rasi Lord Venus(Sukran) is in Taurus: (Rishabam) i.e he is in Exalted Position and Lord Jupitor( Guru) aspecting from 5th House so this Tamil New year is offering beneficial things at the beginning itself. Further i am going to offer this Tamil New Year's prediction in two sections. 

In the fourth coming month (26th October 2017) lord Satrun(Sani) transit (moves) from 7th House to 8th House is also called as Astamathu Sani(Saturn in 8th House) will create temporary hurdles for you. So in the second half of this year 2017 you have to be very careful and at the same time do not extend beyond your capacity and create financial constrain and few may even borrow money thereby become a debtor. 

Whatever may be the thing since Lord Saturn(Sani) happens to be friendly/beneficial Planet(Rajayogathipathi) and also have better understanding with Tarus(Rishabam) and Libra(Tulam) he will not do any major harm to Tarus(Rishbam and Libram(Thulam). But at the same time lord Saturn(Sani) will make to realize the importance of Value for Money like a person standing under Hot peak Summer Sun will only understand the importance of the Shade/Shelter to protect him/herself from the Heat Rays. 

In the second half of 2017.Please do not venture into any new thing and whatever you are doing at present the same thing should continue with at most vigil, control and discipline. 

During this period Lord Sani will drag/ push you in a wrong direction by introducing a new un known person to you and that person will convince you in such a way by telling that if you invest 1lakh rupees you can get up to 10laks as return or invest only 10,000/- and you can get the amazing return of several cores so be careful if you fall a prey to those people/person that is all, it is something like someone catches the tail of the tiger the result is either you can’t leave the tail or you can’t hold the tail of the tiger, so be very careful with un known strangers

The positive news is that the transit of shadow planets Dragon Head and Dragon Tail (Rahu and Kethu) will occur on August 18th 2017. By this transit this Planet occupies the 3rd House i.e. Capricorn(Kadagam) which is a good place and give beneficial things, by this some of the Taurus (Rishaba Rsi) people hither to struggling to go to other state or foreign countries will now leave their place of dwelling to other state or other countries for earning more money or for Higher education there by removing the obstacles. The special prediction is people from other religion( Christian, Muslim vice versa) will help and support you and through them you will gain financially and some indirect benefits through them.

The final conclusion is in the beginning of this Tamil New Year will give everything in the first half and cautioned you to become more vigil and careful in the second half.

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