Wednesday, 5 April 2017

ARIES (MESHAM) : 2017- Hay Vilambi Tamil New Year’s Prediction


For the past two years people born on Mesha Rasi were suffering from lot of hurdles, pain etc., this Tamil New Year will bring them peace, happiness and financial gain.

For the past few months majority of the people born on Mesha Rasi were literally down due to the planet Saturn positioned in the 8th House (Ashtama Sani) and especially the youngster were squeezed and Roasted by the Saturn.

Other than Mesha Rasi people, the other family members living in the same house born under Viruchigam, and Thulam Rasi for whom the 71/2 years Saturn Period is running then there is lot of disturbances in that house due to duel effect of Saturn. In spite of all these some people are still comfortable because their Natal Chart itself is very strong at the time of Birth for others they have to face some trouble

This Tamil New Year special prediction – For Youngsters who are facing unfavorable situation in their Work, Business etc., will slowly turn into favorable from the middle of the Tamil New Year and all good things will happen in this Year

On the day the Tamil New Is born the Rasi Lord Sevvai(Mars) is aspect by Lord Guru (Jupitor) and another favorable planet Lord Suriya(SUN) is exalted which is good for Mesha Rasi people and will bring financial gain and good income.

For the Past 21/2 years Mesha Rasi people who suffered retrenchment, dismissal, unhappy in the present Job, suspended from job due to the effect of Astamathu Sani (Sani is placed in the 8th House) will get a sigh of relief and things will be favorable from beginning of the Tamil Month. For some people who lost the near and dear one and developed depression due to this, difference of opinion, court case, troubling debts, and minor health issues all these will be changed and the life will start progressing in the right direction from This Tamil New Year Onwards.

For the Past 21/2 years Mesha Rasi people who are facing unfavorable climate, under depression, confusion will be changed from the beginning of Tamil Month and you feel happy and rejuvenated.

In the Beginning of the Tamil New Year the Lord Saturn sitting in the 9 th house due to forward movement will not cause any trouble at the same time after June for some time the Lord Saturn will come back to 8 th House and forming Astamathu Sani position. Although the lord is occupying the 8th House now the lord will not give bad effects due to his debilitated strength. So you need not worry about this.

This Hey Vilambi Tamil New Year will bring good and all the existing problems will be resolved.

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