Wednesday, 5 April 2017

CAPRICORN (MAKARAM) : 2017- Hay Vilambi Tamil New Year’s Prediction


For those who were born on zodiac sign CAPRICORN (Makaram) the fourth coming Tamil Year is offering Progress in one hand and also will make you waste money unnecessarily from the begining of the Tamil New Year.

From the beginning of this Tamil New Year Your favorable Planet Venus (Sukran) is exalted position and another Planet Jupiter (Guru) is aspects your zodiac sign hence the people who were born in moon sign Capricorn will get only good and positive things alone are going to happen.

Another word of caution is this year also will bring unnecessary, unexpected and unwanted expenses, hence you will not be in a position save anything.

During these period you will construct or re do the house, performing the Marriage for their son or daughter’s expenses through children like arranging function for attaining puberty, ear boring ceremony, Seemantham, Valaikappu etc.

The shadow plantes transit Dragon's head and Dragon's tail (Rahu and Kethu Peyarchi) is occurring on 18th August 2017 is moving from the 2nd and 8th House, hence you will get positive and favorable results by getting better employment, promotion, improvement in the profession or Business. These people will not be in a position to save but at the same time will get enough money to meet the expenses during this Tamil New Year.

On 12th September 2017 the major planet Jupiter ( Guru) is moving to 10th House, the native will get new employment favorable change in the profession, Business etc., In the mid of the Tamil New year during 26th October 2017 the Saturn (Sani) is entering in to 71/2 years (71/2 sani) period, Lord Saturn (Sani) will taught you a good as well as Bad lesson about life during this period. From this period on wards the real 71/2 years Saturn period is Starting. Thought the Saturn already moved to Your sign due to forward Motion (Adhicharam) but the real effect will take place only on 26th October 2017 till such time he will not do any harm or will not produce any results of his 71/2 years running period. Though Saturn (Sani) happens to be your sign of Lord he will not give any major problem when compared with other zodiac signs, but at the same time one should take at most care, caution in their Business, profession and employment front.

So this fourth coming Tamil New year is going to give only good positive, favorable results and will be a progressive year to all these people born on this Zodiac sign.

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