Wednesday, 5 April 2017

SAGITTARIUS (DHANUSU) : 2017- Hay Vilambi Tamil New Year’s Prediction


Those who were born on Moon sign Sagittarius (Dhanus), this fourth coming Tamil New Year will bring positive changes. From the beginning of the this Tamil new year your friendly planets Sun(Suriyan), Mars(Sevvai or Gujan), Moon(Chandran) and Jupiter(Guru) are strong hence you will get more benefits because of these planetary position.

Now the Moon Sign Sagittarius (Dhanus) people are running 71/2 years Saturn (71/2 Sani) period and during Satrun Transit on October 26th, 2017, the Lord Saturn is going to occupy in Your Moon sign ( Janma Sani). As per the rule of the Astrology the Lord Saturn who occupies the Moon sign called Janma Sani, this is not good and you cannot expect the favors in business or profession or employment.

Out of 9 planets only lord Saturn will create financial trouble during his period of 71/2 years, transiting through 8th House (Astama Sani) and will make you to realize the importance and value of the MONEY. 

So this year you may face difficult times in your employment, profession or Business so please do not take any Risk during this period. Especially people in mid 30years must be very very careful in their profession, business or employment. Don't get panic about this since Lord Jupiter (Guru) is going to occupy the 11th House on 12th September 2017 hence there will not be any major setback and another transit by shadow planets Dragon's head and Dragon's Tail ( Rahu and kethu Peyarchi) is occurring on 12th August 2017, by this the Dragon's head is going to occupy 8th House there by the native will get some benefits and luck.

The transit of shadow planets Dragon's Head and Dragon's Tail will remove the blocks and facilitate people who were trying to go abroad for higher education or employment or some people will go to north India (Delhi, Mumbai or Hydrabad) for the above purpose.

In short the native Sagittarius people will WELCOME this Tamil Newyear because with your previous the experience and the planetary changes going to occur this year will facilitate you to proceed further in the right direction.

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