Wednesday, 5 April 2017

AQUARIUS (KUMBAM) : 2017- Hay Vilambi Tamil New Year’s Prediction


For those who were born zodiac sign Aquarius (Kumbam) this coming Tamil New Year is offering you prosperity and financial growth. For the Past two years these zodiac sign people were not benefitted much will get a sigh of relief from the beginning of this Tamil New Year due to transit of Dragon's Head and Dragon's Tail (Rahu and Kethu peyarchi) and the transit of Jupiter (Guru) which is occurring during September 2017.

Apart from the above two transits the Major Planer Lord Saturn (Sani) is going to happen during October 2017 and is going to bestow good results continuously for the period of approximately 3years to Aquarians (Kumbam  Rasi).

Hither to people facing difficulties in family dispute, dispute over property, strained relationship with relatives, Marital relationship Problem, Marriage is not fixed so far , separation between Husband and wife will come to an end due to transit of Dragon's Head and Dragon's Tail (Rahu and Kethu) from 7th House. This event will bring benefits, harmonious close relationship with other religion, with people who speaks other than the vernacular language, for few people, people from other community like Christianity, Muslims community will voluntarily come forward to offer their help and support and for other few people may get prospective bride or groom from other community, state, country and migrating to other places.

The transit of Jupiter (Guru) is going to occur during September 2017 will remove all obstacles in Finance and others and bring financial gain, prosperity and happiness. You all will get happiness and Peace of Mind from the Middle of the year.

On 26th October 2017 your sign Lord (Sani) is going to transit and occupy the gainful place of 11th House. As per the rule of Astrology if Lord Saturn in the 11th House the native will be prosperous and gain through financial transactions. The important good fact is that this event is going to occur only once in 30years, People all along were facing difficult time, suffering etc. will be retrieved and uplifted when Lord Saturn (sani) moves to 11th House.

Since all the 3 planetary transit which occurs during this fourth coming Tamil New year is bringing happiness, prosperity, and over all development, hence this Tamil New Year is definitely going to be a Turning Point for the people born on zodiac sign of Aquarius (Kumbam) and help them to proceed towards abundance of Prosperity.

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