Wednesday, 5 April 2017

PISCES (MEENAM) : 2017- Hay Vilambi Tamil New Year’s Prediction


For people born on Zodiac sign Pisces (Meenam) the Forth coming Tamil New Year is neither a good nor a Bad Year. Though the transit of Dragon's head and Dragon's tail which is going to happen on 18th July 2017, there by Dragon's Head (Rahu) is moving from the present favorable position 6th house to 5th House which will bring delay and appears unfavorable in every activities. 

But at the same time the opposite planet Dragon's tail (Kethu) is moving to 11th House will bring positive change, over all development and happiness from the beginning of this Tamil New Year as both the Planets are positioned in (Cancer) Katakam and Makaram (Capricon) which is the beneficial place for Pisces. This in turn will bring congenial atmosphere in everything, confirmation in the employment, business people will get more orders, help to execute the extra orders, expanding the horizon of the business,

A word of caution to Pisces (Meenam) people as your sign Lord Jupiter (Guru) is moving to a unfavorable place i.e.8th House on 12th September 2017 by this some people will face some change from the present situation hence people should be very careful and do not rush up things.

Some people will shift to new house from the present house; changes in the profession, business or employment are on the cards. The 8th House denotes long distance or faraway places and the place the Jupiter (Guru) is going to occupy is Tarus (Thulam) is called Sara Rasi which will denotes long distances, faraway places etc in classical Astrology, hence the Pisces born people who were searching for overseas employment, overseas education, leaving other countries for deputation will get the positive results as per their planetary placement in the Birth Chart.

On 26th October 2017 the lord Saturn(Sani) is moving from Unfavorable place 9th House to a favorable Place 10th House will bring favors in employment. long delayed marriage is getting fixed, the prospective couples expecting a child will get good news and over all happiness.

In total this tamil new year is going to offer host of only good benefits hence the Pisces zodiac sign people will not hesitate to WELCOME this Tamil New Year with Cheer and Joy.

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